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New privacy wizard simplifies the complex process of
creating a privacy policy for your website.

Finally! A simple way to create a professional privacy policy in ten minutes or less.

Have you put off creating your privacy policy because it's too complex? Not with Privacy Affiliates! It's so simple — we offer a thorough but easy Privacy Policy Wizard to help give you the credibility you deserve.

Just type your company information into our template, answer a few multiple-choice questions regarding the type of privacy your customers can expect, hit the submit button, and up pops a custom-designed privacy policy: tailor-made for your website.

No need to waste days — or weeks — doing research, or to hire a professional to create your privacy policy: our wizard does it all for you in ten minutes flat.

Click to see a sample privacy policy, created by our special Privacy Policy Wizard.

Already have a privacy policy? If your website already has a privacy policy, you may want to consider creating a new one for the following reason...

Third party endorsement: A privacy policy has very little credibility if it is not linked to a third-party privacy advocate who can verify your commitment to protect your customers.

When you use the Privacy Affiliates Wizard to create a new privacy policy, the finished document is forwarded to the Privacy Affiliates administrative headquarters to be validated. Once that happens, you are notified, and then it's uploaded to the Privacy Affiliates server.

After validation you may place the Privacy Affiliates seal on your website and create a link to the new privacy policy you created.

Your customers can now see that your policy resides on the Privacy Affiliates server which indicates you are very serious about protecting their privacy.

Save hundreds of dollars: Until recently, this type of third-party endorsement would have cost hundreds of dollars and was only available to large corporations.

Privacy Affiliates has eliminated the high cost associated with third-party endorsement and made the service available to every webmaster on the Internet. See registration fees below.


To create one privacy policy $19.95 US

Multiple site license - allows you to create up
to 20 privacy policies, for personal use or
for resale. $99.00 US

There is an annual $19.95 US renewal fee to host single privacy policies, and $4.95 per policy to multiple site licencees. For example, if a multiple site holder only renews four policies (out of a potential 20 policies), s/he would only pay $19.80 for the four renewals.

Start your own privacy policy business

The policies you create can be used for your personal websites or for resale to other webmasters, at any price that you determine, providing they are all validated by Privacy Affiliates and uploaded to the Privacy Affiliates website. Think of it as a mini-franchise. Full instructions will be included with confirmation of your order.

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